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What Do We Do?

Content is a storytelling tool. A story that guides readers to where you want them to be.

Marko Csokasi

Founder | Content Strategy & Execution

I’m Marko and I’m good at telling stories. In the digital working world, I call call myself a ‘Content Strategy & Execution Expert’.

The annoying professional titles begging for recognition are still part of the story, so I’m rolling with it…

I help businesses grow by transmuting their stories on their website in the form of monetizing content.

A story grabs the audience and guides them to a desired end-point. Yet, most content I find is barely a story, but a poor effort to convince. 

Convincing is NOT guiding. Guidance is subtle, yet affirmative. Just how any business’ content should be.

There’s more to it than on and off-page SEO, a basic blog plan, and three to five monetization methods.

I provide content creators with an executable, result-drive content strategy, then I implement it while respecting the bounds of our rapidly-changing digital environment.

Basic drivers of human behaviour do not change, though. This is where the art of storytelling comes in.

Whether my client is a small-to-medium sized e-commerce business or a gardening enterprise, every business needs a goal-oriented narrative to captivate an audience.

I work with businesses that recognize value in and want to make the most out of their digital presence.

If you’d like to work with me, or learn to recognize value in your digital presence, get in touch.

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