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A great content marketing consultant helps businesses grow by bestowing knowledge. Creation and distribution are our specialties, but real value comes from the simple methods that you can integrate into your recurring practices. That’s where we come in.

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Content Marketing FAQs

Content marketing is like life. It evolves and if you want your business to survive, you have no choice but to carry on learning about it’s ever-changing practices. The term seems simple enough, but there is a good chance that you know less about content marketing than you think.

With that in mind, here are a few common queries to get your brain ticking.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach with the aim of attracting and retaining an audience. We do it by focusing on the creation of apt content in a consistent and sustainable form across a variation of distribution channels.

Content marketing channels – also referred to as “distribution” channels – are various avenues through which you can share and distribute your content. Creating content is one thing. You also need to distribute it and this is where channels come in. The primary channels include PAID, OWNED, and EARNED.

ContentNeek specializes in OWNED channels (your company’s blog, social media, email marketing, in-house media) and EARNED channels (organic search engine, social media.)

Great content has a purpose and it finds the audience who’s purpose it serves. The rest are pleasant side-products of smart work. In order to create quality content, you need to know your audience, what they need, and how you can cater for those needs. More, great content is original. Nobody likes a copycat.

If you want to drive visitors to your website, you constantly want to be engaged with your content. Top search engines like Google update their algorithms very frequently (*last update*: Google BERT, Oct 2019.)

Making content rank in Google is like trying to get a word in with your loudmouth uncles during the annual Christmas dinner – you need to keep a close watch and when you see a hopeful gap, you seize the opportunity. If you don’t, the entire table will forget about your existence. 

More, users need change. New problems arise and the first to solve them with helpful content (hopefully you) will reap the rewards.

If your content is helpful, it will rank, visitors will turn up, and they will become invested in the solution you offer. Providing that your content strategy involves meticulous conversion optimization, your great content will warm up the audience with clear solutions to very specific problems. Eventually, you will direct your readers to a sales funnel and close the deal, whether that is a free trial membership, or a direct annual commitment.

If you have other questions about content marketing, reach out and ask.

Marko's broad and technical skill set combined with a hard work ethic makes him a valuable contributor to our network.
Toni Allen
General Manager @ Quality Nonsense
Marko is a reliable writer. He’s a thorough researcher and prioritizes quality, every time. I can’t recommend him enough!
Brenda Barron
Content Manager @ Digital Inkwell

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